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The Apple AirPods are Bluetooth headphones that are truly wireless and are made to work best with iOS devices. These AirPods can use with many devices, including a Windows laptop. Connect your AirPods to Laptop with our Simple Guide.

AirPods work best when paired with an iPhone or another Apple product. Still, you can connect them to a Windows computer like you would join any other Bluetooth device. how to connect AirPods to laptop, including connecting and disconnecting the devices.

How to connect Airpods to Laptops

Time needed: 3 minutes

Put the AirPods in the case, open the case, and hold down the button until the light on your Windows 10 PC starts blinking.

  1. Put your AirPods in their case to charge them.

    Close the case and wait a minute or to connect Airpods to laptop_1

  2. Open the case for the AirPods and take out the headphones.

    Please do not close the case with the AirPods inside until you are done connecting them to your computer.

  3. Please don not close the case with the AirPods inside until you are done connecting them to your computer.

    Before the indicator light blinks, Apple says that the round button on the bottom of your AirPods case is the “Setup” button. The LED light on the new AirPods Pro case is on the front, while the one on the old AirPods case is on the inside.

  4. In this case, open the main menu of Windows.

    In the bottom left corner of screen, you can see the Windows icon.

  5. Follow that by clicking on Settings.

    The gear symbol is next to the switch for turning things on and to connect Airpods to laptop_2

  6. Choose Devices from the menu that appears.

    Not seeing this page? Click the box icon in the window’s top right corner to make it bigger. If Devices is still not visible, click the “home” icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the to connect Airpods to laptop_3

  7. Next, choose Bluetooth & other devices.

    This option appears in the sidebar on the left, but it should have been chosen to connect Airpods to laptop_4

  8. Then click Add Bluetooth or other devices.

    It will be near the top window next to the plus to connect Airpods to laptop_5

  9. Then, click on Bluetooth.

    When you choose this as the device you want to add, a list of Bluetooth devices you can connect to will to connect Airpods to laptop_6

  10. Then, from the list, choose your AirPods.

    Let connect Airpods to laptop. There should be a window that says your device is ready to go
    how to connect Airpods to laptop_7

  11. Click Done to finish.

    Now, you can take your AirPods from their charging case and use them with your Laptop.Then, from the list, choose your AirPods._8

How to Disconnect Your AirPods with Laptop

Using the menu bar at the top of your Windows 10 desktop, go to Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & Other Devices. Then, pick the AirPods you want to eliminate and click the button that goes with them. Just choose Yes to finish unplugging your AirPods from your Windows PC.

  1. Turn on the Windows menu of quick commands.
  2. Click on Preferences to continue.
  3. Pick devices from the list that comes up.
  4. Then, select Bluetooth and other devices.
  5. Then pick out your AirPods. You can find them by clicking on “Audio.”
  6. Next, choose the gadget and click “Uninstall.”
 Connect airpods to laptop_9

At last, choose Yes to disconnect your AirPods.

Connect airpods to laptop_10

Need help getting your AirPods to work with your computer?

If your AirPods does not connect, you can charge them or try many other things. You may need to reset your AirPods. If you do it this way, you can charge them and get them to work together.

You could be having trouble with your computer instead of your AirPods. You can use the Windows diagnostic tool in this case. Find it in the Start menu under “Settings.”

Then, click Troubleshoot under either Updates & Security Windows 10 or System Windows 11. Choose Bluetooth at the end under “Other troubleshooters.” When that is done running, possible solutions will be given.


Connecting AirPods to a laptop is a simple process that can provide wireless audio streaming and crystal-clear sound quality. Ensure your laptop supports Bluetooth connectivity, and your AirPods are in pairing mode. Follow the on-screen prompts to connect AirPods to laptop, and you will be all set. AirPods can provide a convenient and high-quality audio experience on your laptop.


How to connect AirPods to laptop?

Your AirPods must be in their charging case, and the case must be open for you to connect them to your laptop. Next, activate Bluetooth by going to your laptop’s configuration menu, where you can find the option. Choose your AirPods from the list of connected devices, and then press the “Connect” button.

Can I pair my AirPods with a Windows laptop?

Any Windows laptop with Bluetooth support will work with your AirPods. Similar procedures should be used when connecting an iPhone or Macbook computer.

Do the AirPods support simultaneous pairing with numerous devices?

While AirPods may be synced with several different gadgets, only one at a time can be used to play audio. Disconnect your AirPods from the first device and then attach them to the second device if you wish to switch between them.

Why won’t The AirPods sync with your computer?

You may do a few things if your AirPods do not pair with your computer. Check the battery life and store them in the charging case with the lid open. You can reset your AirPods by pressing and holding the button on the case until the status light flashes amber and then ensuring Bluetooth is enabled on your laptop.

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