How to Powermash a Chromebook

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The Question Arises what Chromebook is?

What is Chromebook

How To Powerwash a Chromebook
How To Powerwash a Chromebook

How To Powerwash a Chromebook

Chromebook is a cheap and convenient laptop and tablet which runs on Operating System known as Linux-based Chrome OS. Chromebook is used more often to perform a task that’s run on a chrome browser, like internet surfing, Google Docs, YouTube, and many other platforms that can efficiently operate on a Chromebook. Chromebook is an operating system that runs on Chrome OS instead of Windows and MAC operating systems. People with limited budgets and who want to experience a hand-over laptop can use a Chromebook, which is the best option for them to use it.

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What is Powerwash

Powerwash is a technique to make a Chromebook look new again in. Powerwash acts like a reset that deletes all the user data and the system data to make it look new again. Most people use a powerwash to remove Residual important files, Viruses, or someone who wants to make it unique again. That’s they use a powerwash in a Chromebook.

Or some people who want to buy second-hand Chromebooks, the Owner always ensures to use powerwash to delete all his files and data in his Chromebook. That’s why Powerwash plays an essential role in a Chromebook.

Things To Remember before Powerwash a Chromebook

How To Powerwash a Chromebook
How To Powerwash a Chromebook

Point 1: Since Powerwash is a Chromebook, remove all the users’ Google accounts. Associated with a Chromebook was also released. So, the Owner must write all the usernames and passwords somewhere else before performing the powerwash on Chromebook.

Point 2: Before Performing a Powerwash owner must back up his all-important database in the google drive associated with the Chromebook.

Point 3: To ensure the backup is done correctly, the Owner needs to store its all-important database in external storage like a hard disk, USB Flash Drive, and SD Card as well without fearing loss of any data in the Chromebook

How to Powerwash a Chromebook by using Chrome Browser

Suppose you are the Owner and want to use your Chromebook again after powerwash. In that case, it is the best method to use a powerwash using a Chrome Browser because after powerwash Chromebook asks for Google Account Credentials to set up a new Chromebook.

Steps to follow to perform a Powerwash Using Chrome Browser

Step 1: Open the Chrome-Browser on the Chromebook

Step 2: After opening a Chrome Browser on the top right corner of the screen, three dots appear to select the option

How to Powerwash a Chromebook
How To Powerwash a Chromebook

Step 3: A dialog box appears after selecting the option, Now scroll down and select the setting option

Step 4: A new interface of Chrome settings will appear. Now scroll to the bottom of settings and select ADVANCED Settings.

How to Powerwash a Chromebook
How To Powerwash a Chromebook

Step 5: Once Advanced settings appear, scroll down and find the option named Reset; under the Reset option, Select the Powerwash option.

How to Powerwash a Chromebook
How To Powerwash a Chromebook

Step 6: Now a Dialog-box appears; select the Restart Option and BOOM! Powerwash is complete.

After restarting the Chromebook, Powerwash is processed completely. You need to set up your Google account credentials for the Chromebook. In this way, you can powerwash a Chromebook by using Chrome Browser.

How to Powerwash a Chromebook by using Hard Reset

This Powerwash (Reset) wipes all the data in the Chromebook entirely without leaving any information on the Chromebook. It looks precisely new once it is a hard reset. There is no kind of data left on the Chromebook.

Steps to follow to perform Hard Reset on Chromebook

Step 1: You must first turn on the Chromebook to initiate the Hard Reset.

How to powerwash a Chromebook

Step 2: Once Operating-System is fully loaded, Press this shortcut key on the keyboard to perform Hard Reset – CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + R.

Step 3: A Dialog-box appears with the label Reset This Chrome Device. Click the restart option.

Step 4: Once the Chromebook restarted, a new interface should be appeared, and select Powerwash.

Step 5: A Pop-up dialog box appears. Select the continue option. Boom! Your Chromebook has been powerwash completely.

Step 6: After restarting the Chromebook, you need to set up your Google account credentials for the Chromebook.

This method allows us to Powerwash our Chromebook without facing any problems.


Suppose your Chromebook is a bit laggy and too slow. Is there any alternative method to fast-up Chromebook?

Yes, there is an alternative way to make Chromebook perform very fast or even perform like a brand new one that runs smoothly without facing any problems or system crashes. For this, you need to perform Powerwash after every significant update in the Chromebook to run very smoothly. To ensure this, you need to do Powerwash to make Chromebook very well optimized to run without facing problems like system crashes, lag, or even sometimes getting stuck at certain places. To avoid this, you need to Powerwash your Chromebook.

How much time is being consumed during Powerwash?

In most cases, it directly depends on the system specification and internet speed; for some circumstances, it might take more than 5 minutes, and for someone, it takes less than 5 minutes, directly depending on the system specification. But most of the time, powerwash takes up to 5 minutes.

Is data should be lost during Powerwash?

Yes, Personal files and data should be removed from Chromebook during Powerwash because it deletes all the files in the Chromebook. To avoid this or to prevent your data from being lost. You need to take a backup of your essential data in google drive and in external storage like USB and hard drives to prevent your data from being lost during the Powerwash

Did Powerwash make Chromebook super-fast?

Performing Powerwash often makes your Chromebook super-fast because it defaults all settings to factory default settings, which makes your Chromebook super-fast. But if you still need help with your Chromebook’s slow, then you need to contact customer support for why your Chromebook is still slower than another Chromebook.

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