How to share photos on google drive

Do you adore how to share photos on google drive with your friends? Are you searching ahead to a platform that quickly offers you ways?

Google Drive is a good alternative you may check on.

Google Drive is a super choice that gives customers the freedom to share pictures, written files, PDF files, films, and different kinds of files speedy and without difficulty. The fine thing about this tool is that you may limit how humans interact with your files. Moreover, limit the human beings here to view only, comment simplest, or offer them full permission to make edits and changes without trouble.

Another advantage of using Google Drive is that that platform maintains the best images and movies intact. The manual will provide a guide about the effects of sharing photographs on Google Drive To know Send voice message on iPhone.

Why use Google Drive?

Being the default cloud garage app on Android, Google Drive is the maximum famous cloud provider among purchasers. Even though many of Google Drive’s sharing abilities are gifts in the Google Photos app, some nonetheless opt for Google Drive to send images and movies. Using Google Drive computing devices and cellular apps, here’s a way to percentage pix and movies.

It’s all about convenience and flexibility. Thanks to its recognition and extensive adoption, you will most likely discover others with a legitimate Gmail/Google ID. It makes sharing over Google Drive extra seamless than ever.

How to share photos on Google Drive (2 ways)

Working with Google Drive is a laugh. The platform is a very interactive, intuitive, and realistic interface that makes it on hand for users to record sharing. We will provide you with two techniques for successfully sharing pictures on Google Drive.

How to share photos on Google Drive on Mobile

Upload Photos and Videos on Google Drive

Before you begin sharing files, you want to add images and videos to the applicable Folder inside the Google Drive app.

In the example underneath, we use the Google Drive iOS app.

Step 1: Open the Google Drive app on your Phone.

Step 2: Tap on the + icon at the lowest corner of the screen and choose Folder.

How to share photos on google drive

Step 3: Give it an applicable name and select at the Create button.

Step 4: For personalization, you can tap the three-dot menu beside the folder call and change folder coloration from the default Grey to any shade (24 coloration options to select from).

Step 5: Open the newly created Folder and faucet on the + icon and select Upload.

How to share photos on google drive

Step 6:

  • Select Photos and Videos.
  • Provide appropriate permission to get the right of entry to all of the media documents on the phone.
  • Open the images library menu.
How to share photos on google drive

Step 7: Select the pictures and video you want to share and hit the Upload button on the top.

How to share photos on google drive

Step 8: Based on your internet speed, Google Drive will upload media in an original layout without any compression.

Alternatively, you could directly open the Photos app on the iPhone or Android. Select the photos and video you need to use the share menu to add them to the good spot Google Drive folder.

Once the media files have been uploaded to the Google Drive folder, it’s ready to share with others.

To know Screen Record on iPhone

How to share photos on Google Drive on Android

Step 1:  Upload the photos and videos for your Google Drive out of your cellphone. Suppose it’s far more challenging to locate photos after Upload. In that case, the proper manner might be to keep the photos in a separate folder so you can quickly discover and share them without exposing different pictures.

 google drive

Step 2: Now click on the three-dot vertical menu and choose “share.” Tap on it, and you can share the Folder with your ideal contact(s). You can use the email address of the persons to percentage the snap shots with them. 

share photos with the help of google drive

Step 3: If you want to add extra people, you may click on the “Manage humans and hyperlink” choice to upload more humans and create a shared link. You can also cross for managing the permissions right here to flawlessly view or edit the Folder by checking a tick both on the “View” or “Edit” choice.

Once done with the above method effectively, please faucet on the “Save and Share” choice, and as soon as accomplished, the pictures you have added over right here will start acting in the Shared with me column of your preferred contacts.

How to Share Photos on Google Drive on iOS

Upload photos on iOS

Step 1: Launch the Google Drive app and test it in your Google Account if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Tap the Add (+) button at the bottom right and open Upload> Photos and Videos.

how to share photos on google drive

Step 3: Select the Photos you want to share and press Upload on the top.

Sharing Photos on iOS

Step 1: Locate the photo on your Google Drive, press the triple-dot icon next to the filename and select Share.

Step 2: Please enter the recipient’s email address to proportion the image with them.

Step 3: Select Edit, commentary, or view as suitable.

Managing People and Links

Step 1: Tap the triple-dot icon and open Manage People and Links.

photo sharing through google drive

Step 2: Leave it as Restricted if you want to offer to get the right of entry to people you’ve shared this picture with earlier.

Step 3: Change to Anyone with the Link in case you need everybody with the Link in case you want to get admission to this irrespective of permission.

Step 4: Select Edit, Comment, or View as appropriate. We suggest not choosing Edit here, as everyone with the Link can edit/delete the content material.

How to share photos on google drive on PC

You can also proportion images and motion pictures using Google Drive net. It’s convenient for those with photographs and videos stored on their PCs.

Step 1: Visit Google Drive on the net and sign-up using Google account credentials.

Step 2: Click the New button on the left side and create a new folder you want to share.

share photos

Step 3: Give it an applicable call and alternate folder coloration, and you are prepared to add images and videos to it.

Step 4: Navigate to the media documents saved on the pc. Select the images and drag them to the Google Drive folder on the internet.

sharing photos on google drive

Step 5: Once they’re uploaded to the Folder, you may move returned to the Google Drive home.

Step 6: Select the Folder that you want to proportion and click on the Generate link or Share button on the pinnacle.

sharing photos

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Why use Google Drive to Share Photos?

Google Drive is an excellent alternative for storing important material and allowing you to share it with the people you care about. It has mass availability to all people around us.

How many photos can we share in Google Drive?

There is no specific limit to sharing photos and videos on Google Drive. It all depends on the availability of size present in google drive. The More the size available in google drive more photos we can share with others.

Can we Share Photos and videos through Pc?

Yes, we can share Photos and videos on PC by using Google Drive because It’s readily available, and we all can directly share with others on PC.

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