Screen Record on mac

Capturing your Mac’s screen is not as difficult as you might imagine. This is because it has inbuilt recording features that enable you to either record video and audio or capture images and share them with your loved ones. With just a few clicks and keyboard inputs, you can start preserving the important moments that you wish to remember.

how to screen record on mac
how to screen record on mac

How to Record Your Mac Screen

Time needed: 2 minutes

To properly use the pre-installed screen recorder on a Mac computer

  1. Find QuickTime Player

    one must first access the QuickTime Player either through the Applications folder or by utilizing the Spotlight search function

  2. Open QuickTime Player

    Once the player is open, the user can access the recording options and specify which part of the screen they wish to record, whether it be the entire screen or a specific window. The option to capture audio is also Available.

  3. Start the Recording

    To initiate the recording, simply press the record button.

  4. Finish the Recording by Click Stop Button

    Once the recording is complete, the playback window becomes available, allowing the user to preview the video and make use of editing tools to trim and split the clip.

  5. Save your Recording in any Format!

    o save the screen recording, select the “File” option at the top of the screen and choose “Export As”. Here, the user can select the desired file format, such as MP4 or MOV, and save the Recording.

This is the step-by-step guide for how to record your screen on Mac

Basic Settings Required for Recording on Mac

It is a simple process to capture your Mac’s screen with QuickTime Player. You only need to indicate the desired screen portion to be recorded, whether it is the entire screen or a specific window. Then, choose whether or not to include audio, and initiate the recording. Once finished, you can stop the recording and save the video file.

how to screen record on mac
how to screen record on mac

Basic Settings that are Required for Recording a Mac

Settings are required to Record on Mac are mentioned below:

  • To create a simple screen recording on your Mac, launch QuickTime Player and click on “File” > “New Screen Recording”. This action will bring up a recording toolbar at the bottom of your screen.
  • You can choose which part of the screen you want to record using this toolbar, such as the whole screen or just a specific window.
  • Additionally, you can decide whether or not to capture audio from your computer’s microphone.
  • Once you have made your selections, hit the red “Record” button on the toolbar to start recording.
  • When you are done, click the “Stop” button in the menu bar and save your video in a suitable folder on your Mac.

How to Suspend and Resume Recordings

how to screen record on mac
how to screen record on mac

“If you have activated the option to pause and restart recording, all you need to do is press the Record button again once you have captured the content you want. To return to the starting point of your initial recording, press the key combination ⇧ Shift + Control + ⌘ Command + R to start recording again. You can repeat this process as many times as necessary until you have completed your recording.


To sum up, acquiring the ability to record your screen on a Mac can greatly benefit your work efficiency, creativity, and communication. Whether you intend to produce a how-to video, showcase your gaming skills, or document a special moment on your screen, the built-in screen recording function of macOS is a simple and effective solution. By following the instructions provided in this guide and exploring the advanced options available in QuickTime Player, you can unleash your screen recording skills and express yourself in new and exciting ways. Therefore, do not hesitate to experiment with it and discover the incredible things you can capture and share with others!


What is screen recording and guide me process of screen recording on a Mac?

The act of recording what is displayed on your computer screen along with its audio output is called screen recording. To start a new recording, you need to open first QuickTime Player app. Then Choose “New File” from menu-bar to start a new recording.

Is it possible to capture screen recording with audio same time on a Mac?

Yes, It is possible to capture screen recording with audio same time on Mac. To do this, open QuickTime Player app. Then Start New Recording with the desired microphone you want.

How to Stop screen recording on a Mac?

If you want to Stop screen recording on a Mac either click on the stop button in the QuickTime Player or simply use this shortcut key “Command + Control + Esc

How to share my screen recording on a Mac?

To share your screen recording on a Mac is to transfer the file to a cloud-based storage platform or share a screen recording link to others. 

Is it possible to record the screen of iPhone using my Mac?

You it is possible to record the screen of iPhone using Mac by linking your device to your computer and use the QuickTime Player software. By choosing “New Movie Recording” from the file menu, selecting for your device as the camera and microphone source to start the recording.

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