how to use Bing chatgpt

Everyone is curious about new innovation inventing day by day. On which Bing ChatGPT is on peak off many search engines Nowadays. Today in this article I am Going to show you a very simple steps to use Bing ChatGPT.

Before knowing the ways let me explain you a ChatGPT. In a very simple terms

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-Based search engine that’s used for to search any queries by just asking to the ChatGPT. They can be able to provide any formats we want like tables, FAQ and many more.

Steps to use Bing ChatGPT

Time needed: 2 minutes

A very Simple Guide to use Bing ChatGPT

  1. Open your Bing Search Engine

    You can search Bing Engine either using Edge or Bing supported to use Bing chatgpt

  2. Search ” ChatGPT” on Your Bing Browser

    To use Bing ChatGPT, type ” ChatGPT ” on your search engine.

  3. To access ChatGPT click on ChatGPT URL

    search for ChatGPT URL with name including on URL (open ai chat )how to use Bing chatgpt

  4. Click on Sign-up

    If you are an existing user. Just click on Login or If you are new user Click on Sign-upuse Bing chatgpt

  5. Create your account.

    Now Create your account either by using Google account, or Microsoft account..

  6. Enter all of the important credential.

    Once choosing right access fill all of the important credential to become a user of ChatGPT

  7. Enjoy ChatGPT

    After, finishing all of the steps Enjoy your Bing ChatGPT

In these ways, you can use ChatGPT on your Bing Browser


In the end, my main moto is to guide you a perfect example to how to use Bing chatgpt with our step-by-step guide. Everything has its own merits as well its own demerits. If we use ChatGPT right way, then its way best platform to search our any Queries we want.


Can we use ChatGPT on our Bing Browser?

Yes, through the latest updates we can use ChatGPT on our Bing Browser.

Is ChatGPT available on a Bing?

Yes, now we can use ChatGPT on a Bing.

Is it necessary to fill our credential to ChatGPT?

Yes, to secure data and privacy we need to fill our credential to access the ChatGPT

Can Chatgpt are able to answer the Computer Codes?

Yes, ChatGPT are enough capable to give you any answer related to Coding like C, C#, C++ and many more.

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