Apple, Inc. is a multinational technology company that creates and manufactures hardware and software products such as laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones. 


The companies are in the technology field provides various services, including software, internet-based searches, business solutions, hardware, maps, and adverts. 


Microsoft creates a tone of industry-leading enterprise software, hardware, and business solutions. The company makes devices such as personal computers, gaming consoles.


The companies are in the technology field that manufactures consumer devices such as the Kindle e-reader, Fire TV streaming device.


Meta underwent a name change to emphasize a new focus on the metaverse, a virtual representation of gaming, networking, and business operations still in the planning stage

Sony Corp

Sony offers video cameras, electrical devices, and other products and services. Sony runs an electronics business and creates, and markets recorded music, live-action, and animated movies.

Intel Corp

Intel companies are in the technology field produces processors, flash memory, and programmable semiconductor chips for laptops, smartphones, and desktop computers

Panasonic Corp

Panasonic companies are in the technology field creates, produces, and sells consumer electronics products.